GMIV is a valuation and consulting company specializing in the equity and index options market. Our proprietary, unique and cutting-edge financial models enable us to provide our clients with live and accurate indicative quotes on simple and complex, listed and over-the-counter options structures as well as variance swaps and dividend swaps.

In addition we deliver in-depth analysis on options portfolios as well as optimal hedging techniques to our institutional clients to help them manage risk efficiently. Our clients can also have access to our live market commentary and our research publications.

Products & Solutions


GMIV’s flagship tool for live & independent valuation of OTC equity derivatives.


Powerful and efficient risk management tool; Breakdown of a position into basic risks.

Research, Reports & Historical Data

Cutting edge research, daily volatility reports, trade idea generation.

Support & Services

Custom options portfolio analysis, client education, trading platform enhancement.

GMIV Key Features

  • Increased transparency
  • Innovative volatility model
  • Independent valuation
  • Accurate pricing
  • Unparalleled risk management
  • Historical data and data quality